Once you begin aging, you will start noticing changes in your skin, especially in the face. It is no longer smooth and supple as it used to be. When you understand what causes your facial skin to sag, you can effectively find the right solutions for it.

  • Aging is the most common cause of sagging skin. When we get older, our skin loses collagen and elastin – components that are responsible for making it look soft and plump. Aging also causes facial muscles to weaken, which also contributes to its tired appearance.
  • Sun exposure is another cause of sagging skin. When we are exposed to the sun’s powerful rays, it can damage skin cells and increase the effects of aging. Make sure than when you are about to be under the sun for long periods of time, you protect your skin by applying sunscreen.
  • Weight loss can also cause the skin to sag. Losing large amounts of skin dramatically leaves a person with skin and tissue that are too stretched and loose.