Wrinkle Reduction In East Greenwich, RI

Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkle reduction involves treatments that aim at reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Advanced anti-laser aging treatments such as Frax 1550 and 1940, eMatrix, Light & Bright, and RF Microneedling effectively address these skin concerns. These treatments stimulate the skin’s natural healing process, promoting collagen and elastin production, which help smooth and firm the skin. The specific technologies involved, like fractional lasers and radiofrequency, target various skin layers to enhance skin texture and appearance without extensive downtime.

Wrinkle reduction treatments are suitable for individuals noticing signs of aging on their skin and looking for non-surgical options to improve their appearance. Results from these treatments can typically be observed within a few weeks, with improvements continuing over several months. The results can last up to a year, although often lasts several months to a year, depending on the individual’s skin condition and lifestyle. For those interested in achieving a younger-looking complexion, Ocean State Laser and Aesthetics in East Greenwich, RI offers expert care in Wrinkle Reduction. Book an appointment to explore how these treatments can benefit your skin.


Frax 1550 and 1940

These fractional lasers stimulate skin healing and collagen production. Frax 1550 targets deeper skin layers for scar and wrinkle reduction, while Frax 1940 focuses on surface texture and tone.


This system uses bipolar radiofrequency to enhance collagen creation, addressing acne scars, fine lines, and texture with minimal recovery time.

Light & Bright

This treatment combines intense pulsed light (IPL) and resurfacing to address pigmentation and vascular lesions and improve skin tone and texture.

RF Microneedling

Combining fine needles and radiofrequency energy, this treatment boosts collagen production, tightens skin, and reduces scars and wrinkles.



Wrinkle Reduction refers to various treatments to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. These include advanced anti-laser aging treatments like Frax 1550 and 1940, eMatrix, Light & Bright, and RF Microneedling, which rejuvenate the skin by enhancing collagen production.

These treatments use fractional lasers and radiofrequency to penetrate the skin, stimulating the natural healing process and producing collagen and elastin. This helps to smooth and firm the skin, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

In most cases, results are visible within a few weeks after the first treatment, with continued improvements over the next several months as the skin produces more collagen.

Ideal candidates for these treatments are individuals with wrinkles and fine lines and are looking for noninvasive solutions.

The duration of the results from Wrinkle Reduction treatments can vary, typically lasting from several months to a year. This duration depends on the individual’s skin type and care routine.

Ocean State Laser and Aesthetics in East Greenwich, RI, offers a range of anti-laser aging treatments tailored for effective Wrinkle Reduction. Consider scheduling a consultation to find the best treatment plan for your skin needs.




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