Do you know that there are things that you do on a daily basis that appear normal but add to the appearance of wrinkles on your face? Though you can’t do anything about aging, you can have your say on how you can delay the signs of aging. Check out habits that contribute to wrinkles and combined with the right Wrinkles Reduction Warwick treatment, expect to achieve flawless and youthful skin.

  • You chew gum –Did you know that a simple thing such as chewing gum could cause wrinkles because it forces the mouth to continually form different shapes? It could cause downward turn in the corners of the moth and at the bottom of the jawline.
  • You sleep on your stomach – When you push your face into a pillow when you sleep, it causes creases that turn into permanent wrinkles on your face. The solution is to sleep on your back.
  • You love sugar – Aside from being fattening, too much sugar intake also takes its tool on the skin. Sugar molecules bind to tissues that damage collagen and elastin, which prevents the skin from being taut and firm.